How To Use

Bin smell can be really unpleasant, air fresheners won't solve the problem and bin cleaning won't do the trick either. To get rid of foul smells in your bin, your home or anywhere that smells are a problem, you need odour &out natural and non-hazardous re-odourisng granules.

Odour&out re-odourising granules are quick, clean and easy to use, eliminating bad smells in no time. Here's how: 

To get rid of bin smell:
1. Just pop open the lid.
2. Use the scoop provided to sprinkle odour&out into your kitchen bin or your outdoor wheelie bin. For a particularly bad indoor bin smell, scoop some odour&out granules directly into the bin bag.
3. Use approximately 2 scoops for a small bin, or 4 tablespoons for a larger wheelie bin as the initial measure and then top up weekly with one scoop to keep the bins smelling fresh. You may need to use more if the bad smell persists 

For pet litter trays:
1. Put a small amount of odour&out into the corners of your pet litter tray.
2. Use approximately 1 scoop for an average sized litter tray. Odour&out is made from safe ingredients and won't harm your pet when used in this way. 

For pet areas or small toilets:
1. Place one or two scoops of odour&out into a jug or bowl and simply leave in the area or toilet.
2. Once or twice a week give the granules a little shake to revitalise them. A small amount of the odour&out re-odourising granules may last several weeks.

For outdoor areas:

  • Odour&out works effectively in outdoor areas. It can be used around barbecues, acts as an insect repellent if dining outside and will combat any bad smells around gardens.

    Once odour&out has lost it’s fragrance, the pellets can be placed in plant pots to help retain moisture in the soil.

    The long lasting fragrance of odour&out has proven to be much more economical and environmentally friendly than nasty sprays that only mask a smell for a few moments.

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