About Odour&out

Odour&out is an environmentally friendly, bio degradable innovative new product designed especially to combat the problem of bad household and outdoor smells. Odour&out harnesses the power of its’ natural ingredients to absorb bad smells and re-odourise to leave a clean and fresh fragrance that is long lasting without the need for any harsh chemicals.

A safe, clean and non-hazardous way to get rid of foul smells

Odour&out has been formulated to leave your kitchen bins and wheelie bins smelling great, additionally it’s natural insecticide will act as a repellent for insects such as ants, flies and cockroaches as well as mice and rats.

The granules will break down naturally and will not harm you, your pets or your plants. 

With a 500g pot lasting up to 3 months, odour&out makes your bins smell fresh and your money go further

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