An environmentally friendly, safe, clean and non-hazardous way to get rid of unwanted smells

Odour&out is an environmentally friendly, bio degradable innovative new product designed especially to combat the problem of bad household and outdoor smells. Odour&out harnesses the power of it's natural ingredients to absorb bad smells and re-odourise, to leave a clean and fresh fragrance that is very long lasting without the need for any harsh chemicals.

Odour&out has been specially formulated to leave your kitchen bins, wheelie bins and many other areas smelling great. The pellets will break down naturally and will not harm you, your pets or your plants.


Wholesale and Commercial

Odour&out is used on a commercial basis in various industries. Waste management companies, local councils, schools, restaurants, hospitals, care homes and many more.

For all wholesale or commercial enquiries please call 0333 355 0034 or email to speak to a member of the team

Great for use in kitchen bins, wheelie bins, pet areas, toilets, cat litter and dog waste bins.


Bin smell can be really unpleasant. Air fresheners won't solve the problem and bin cleaning won't do the trick either.

To get rid of bad smells in your bin and your home, you need odour&out ! Quick and easy to use, odour&out is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and eliminates bad smells in no time.

Containing naturally sourced ingredients, these re-odourising granules can be used domestically and commercially


Odour and Out really works. As a school we have been using the granules for the past 3 months and it has made such a difference. The granules absorb all the horrible odours that are associated with school toilets, leaving a fresh clean fragrance. A great product.

Beverley T – School resources manager, Osidge School, London

It smelt pleasant and fresh, I put some in a tea light holder in my porch where trainers and wellington boots are kept. The following day I could only smell Odour&Out and almost a week on it’s still the only smell that greets me. I have since put a pot in the bathroom, kitchen and the wasteland my son calls his bedroom. 

Anne W

Having just used my first scoop of odour and out I think there’ll be no going back to conventional de-odouriser’s . Thank you for introducing it into my life

Sophie O